Hey everyone! I hope you are all keeping as well and as healthy as can be during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Sadly I do not have the skills or health to help our amazing keyworkers on the front line, but I hope that my homemade videos will help you to exercise, dance and giggle at home.  I am aiming to add to them daily to create a whole library of over 200 reference videos for you!

If you enjoy my videos and value my years spent dancing and training as a professional dance teacher, please donate whatever you can (but only if you are able to) using the Paypal Donate button as, like so many other self-employed people during this difficult time, I now find myself completely and utterly penniless!  Thank you so very much xxxx

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Breakfast Boogie/Wake & Shake – a bit of exercise and a giggle!Donate with PayPal

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6 (The 18!):

Video 7:

Video 8:

Video 9:

Video 10:

Video 11:

Video 12:

Video 13:

Video 14:

Video 15:

Video 16:

Video 17:

Video 18:

Video 19:

Video 20:


Calming movement & stretching
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Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6:

Video 7:

Video 8:

Video 9:

Video 10:

Video 11:

Video 12:

Video 13:

Video 14:

Video 15:

Video 16:

Video 17:

Video 18:

Video 19:

Video 20:


Dancing tips
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What do I do with my arms?:




Laban’s dimensional scale:

Laban’s diagonal scale:

Laban’s Body, Effort, Shape and Space:

Laban’s action drives:

Bartenieff principles for locomotion and weight shift:

Tapping into creativity and movement confidence:


Class warmups
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Ballroom class warmup:

Kizomba class warmup:

Vintage class warmup:


Ballroom mini classesDonate with PayPal

Ballroom posture, poise and frame:

Waltz – counting the music:

Waltz – warmup:

Waltz basic – Part 1:

Waltz basic – Part 2:

Waltz turning basic – Part 1 (leaders)

Waltz turning basic – Part 1 (followers)

Waltz turning basic – Part 2 (leaders)

Waltz turning basic – Part 2 (followers)

Waltz spin turn (leaders):

Waltz spin turn (followers):

Quickstep – warmup:

Quickstep video 1:

Quickstep video 2:

Quickstep video 3:

Foxtrot – counting the music:

Foxtrot – warmup:

Foxtrot video 1:

Foxtrot video 2:

Foxtrot video 3:

Tango – counting the music:

Tango – warmup:

Tango video 1:

Tango video 2:

Tango video 3:

Viennese Waltz – counting the music:

Viennese Waltz – warmup:

Viennese Waltz video 1:

Viennese Waltz video 2:

Viennese Waltz video 3:


Latin mini classes
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Latin posture, poise and frame:

Latin arm styling:

Cha Cha Cha – counting the music:

Cha Cha Cha – warmup:

Cha Cha Cha – Beginners routine:

Cha Cha Cha – Intermediates routine Section 1:

Cha Cha Cha – Intermediates routine Section 2 (followers):

Cha Cha Cha – Intermediates routine Section 2 (leaders):

Rumba – counting the music:

Rumba – warmup:

Rumba video 1:

Rumba video 2:

Rumba video 3:

Samba – counting the music:

Samba – warmup:

Samba line dance:

Samba video 1 (Batucadas):

Samba video 2:

Samba video 3:

Paso Doble – counting the music:

Paso Doble – warmup:

Paso Doble video 1:

Paso Doble video 2:

Paso Doble video 3:

Jive – counting the music:

Jive – warmup:

Jive video 1:

Jive video 2:

Jive video 3:


Party Dances:
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The Charleston stroll:

Samba line dance:




Footloose line dance:


Heel-toe Polka:

Hustle/Saturday Night Fever:

Rockabilly stroll:

Singin’ in the rain:


Under the sea:

“The 18” from our Monday night practice session:


Sequence dances
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Mayfair Quickstep (leaders):

Mayfair Quickstep (followers):

Square Tango (leaders):

Square Tango (followers):

Old Time Waltz breakdown:

The Veleta:

Gainsborough Glide:

Argentine Stroll:

Melody Foxtrot:

Rumba One:

Sindy Swing:

Sweetheart Waltz:


Kizomba mini classes
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Kizomba warmup:

Kizomba posture, poise and frame:

Mermaid body movement:

Slow basic:

Side to side basic:

Basic on the beat:

Walking basic:

Circle to the left:

Circle to the right:

Pressure steps:

Soft break:

Hard break:

Followers Saida video 1 (follower):

Followers Saida video 2 (leader):

Followers Saida video 3 (box step):

Followers Saida video 4 (timing change):

Followers Saida video 5 (with cut action):

Leaders Saida video 1 (follower):

Leaders Saida video 2 (leader):

Swivels (follower):

Swivels (leader):

Walk – follower to open – cha cha cha ending (follower):

Walk – follower to open – cha cha cha ending (leader):

Practice – combination 1 (follower):

Practice – combination 1 (leader):

Practice – combination 2 (follower):

Practice – combination 2 (leader):

Practice – combination 3 (follower):

Practice – combination 3 (leader):

Practice – combination 4 (follower):

Practice – combination 4 (leader):

Practice – combination 5 (follower):

Practice – combination 5 (leader):


Vintage mini classes
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Vintage warmup:

Vintage posture, poise and frame:

8 beat basic and fun variations:

6 beat basic & easy variations:

Class routine reminder – 1940s ‘In the Mood’:

Class routine reminder – 1940s ‘Be Happy’:

Class routine reminder – 1920s ‘Let’s Misbehave’:

Class routine reminder – 1950s:

Class routine reminder – ‘Candyman’:

Class routine reminder – ‘Great Big Eyes’:

The Charleston Stroll:

How to do the swivel for 1920s Charleston:

1920s Charleston video 1:

1920s Charleston video 2:

1920s Charleston variations:

How to do the ‘Happy Feet’ move:

Miss Emma’s ‘I Charleston The World’ choreography:

1930s/Lindy Charleston (left foot rock):

1930s/Lindy Charleston (right foot rock):

Side-by-side Charleston variations (leaders):

Side-by-side Charleston variations (followers):

Tandem Charleston – ‘Push-out’:

Tandem Charleston – ‘Waterfall’:

Tandem Charleston – ‘Kick-around’:

Hand-to-hand Charleston:

Hand-to-hand Charleston variations:

Airplane Charleston:

Flip flop (8 beat):

Pop-out ‘A’ (8 beat):

Pop-out ‘B’ (8 beat):

Promenade (8 beat):

Reverse promenade (8 beat):

Double tuck turn (8 beat):

Lindy circle (8 beat):

Swing-out (8 beat):

Swing-out with *swivels*:

Send out (6 beat):

Tuck turn (6 beat):

Sugar Push (6 beat):

Solo jazz steps video 1:

Solo jazz steps video 2:

Solo jazz steps video 3:

Solo jazz steps video 4:

Solo jazz steps video 5:

Fun variations video 1:

Fun variations video 2:

Fun variations video 3:

Fun variations video 4:

Fun variations video 5:


Shim Sham
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The shim sham is danced in this order:

  1. Shim sham basic step, full break
  2. Pushes and cross overs
  3. Tacky Annie’s, full break
  4. Half break, full break, half break, full break
  5. Repeat with freezes instead of full breaks
  6. Boogie back, boogie forwards, boogie back, boogie forwards
  7. Boogie back, shorty George, boogie back, shorty George
  8. Improv!

Shim Sham part 1:

Shim Sham part 2:

Shim Sham part 3:

Shim Sham part 4:

Shim Sham part 5:

Shim Sham part 6:

Shim Sham part 7:

Shim Sham part 8:

Shim Sham full routine:


Rockabilly Stroll
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The Rockabilly Stroll is danced in this order:

  1. Step taps x 3
  2. Side-close-side-tap x 2
  3. Back-tap-back-tap
  4. Shuffle forward, wee!

Rockabilly Stroll full routine and breakdown:


Tranky Doo
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The Tranky Doo is danced in this order:

  1. Fall off the log, shuffles/scoots with side press lunges (repeat)
  2. Shoe shine (with stamp-stamp-clap-clap), boogie forward (repeat)
  3. Apple jacks, rocks/Hallelujahs, travelling rocks
  4. Boogie back, shorty george, boogie back, break step
  5. Knee slaps with ba-ba-da, crossover, suzie-q, reverse break
  6. Messaround, fall off the log turning
  7. Eagle slide, boogie drops
  8. Mambo steps, paddle turn
  9. Fall off the log turning/travelling backward, truckin’
  10. Float back, walkabout or sailor kicks
  11. Box steps with crazy legs, shouts
  12. Knee slaps, knee slaps with turn, walk it out – and start again!

Tranky Doo part 1:

Tranky Doo part 2:

Tranky Doo part 3:

Tranky Doo part 4:

Tranky Doo part 5:

Tranky Doo part 6:

Tranky Doo part 7:

Tranky Doo part 8:

Tranky Doo part 9:

Tranky Doo part 10:

Tranky Doo part 11:

Tranky Doo part 12:

Tranky Doo full routine:


Mama’s Stew
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Mama’s Stew is danced in this order:

  1. Kicking sequence
  2. Crossovers with kicks, stomp-slides
  3. Squat Charleston
  4. Clap-jumps, boogie backs & boogie forwards
  5. Hallelujah rocks (turning), running kicks, Hallelujah rocks (turning), slip slops
  6. Embellished Fall off the logs with hallelujah rock ending, walk off

Mama’s Stew part 1:

Mama’s Stew part 2:

Mama’s Stew part 3:

Mama’s Stew part 4:

Mama’s Stew part 5:

Mama’s Stew part 6:

Mama’s Stew full routine:


Killer Boogie! Choreographed by Marcus Koch.
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The Killer Boogie is danced in this order:

  1. Boogie woogie basics
  2. Out & ins, runs, ripples
  3. Basics, kick around, continuous triples and jumps, basics
  4. Touches, running kicks, squad jump, chug forwards, apple jacks
  5. Basics, out & ins, rolls, rolls with shoulder rolls
  6. Basics, knee wobble, slide/jump open-close, basics, double toe balance, basics
  7. Scissors with freezes, rubber legs, quick rubber legs!
  8. Repeat of section 4
  9. Basics, out & ins, basics, ripples
  10. Kick ball change/lunge with hop turns, basics
  11. Switch jumps, swivels, spot turn
  12. Charleston variation, turning Charleston variation
  13. Kick around, chug forwards – the end!

Killer Boogie part 1:

Killer Boogie part 2:

Killer Boogie part 3:

Killer Boogie part 4:

Killer Boogie part 5:

Killer Boogie part 6:

Killer Boogie part 7:

Killer Boogie part 8:

Killer Boogie part 9:

Killer Boogie part 10:

Killer Boogie part 11:

Killer Boogie part 12:

Killer Boogie part 13:

Killer Boogie full routine:

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