VE Day Celebrations!

Exciting news!  We have been asked to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day!  On Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 2020 we will be dancing vintage 1940’s style at Emery Gate Shopping Centre in Chippenham.  We have been asked to dance 3 x 30 minute sets to encourage the public to celebrate and dance with us!

Rehearsals will take place on Friday evenings 8.15-9.15pm at Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall up until the event (the first Friday of each month is at Grittleton Village Hall, not Stanton)  even though a lot of you know how to dance vintage 1940s style, Social Foxtrot, Rockabilly Stroll and do the Shim Sham already! And our Friday night vintage dance group already know how to do the ‘Be Happy’ and the ‘In The Mood’ 1940s routines! You don’t have to be able to make all rehearsals, just enough so that you feel confident/performance ready, and you don’t have to dance all of the dances either – if you just want to do one Social Foxtrot or one Rockabilly Stroll then that’s fine by me! For anyone who cannot make Friday nights but would like to be involved then I can make some time free at weekends.

I have chosen the following songs to dance to for each set (30 mins run time) and I’ve found some lovely videos on YouTube of the songs and steps in case any of you would like a visual aid or to practice at home:

1. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy: Rockabilly Stroll

2. Candyman: 1940s routine (our Vintage Fete routine)

3. Sing me a Swing Song: Social Foxtrot

4. Be Happy: 1940s routine from Friday nights class

5. A Slick Chick: Shim Sham

6. I’m Just a Jitterbug: Mamas Stew

7. Blitzkrieg Baby: Rockabilly stroll

8. In the mood: 1940s routine from Friday nights class

9. Dipsy Doodle: Tranky Doo (or part of the Tranky Doo!!!)

10. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square: Social Foxtrot

On the day (Emery Gate Shopping Centre, Chippenham, Friday 8th May, 11am-3pm)
We have been asked to dress 1940s style – a great excuse to show off your lovely outfits 🙂  I will hear about our set times nearer the event but I have been told that there will be live music and other lovely things going on so I’m sure there will be plenty to keep people occupied if you fancy being there for the whole 4 hours.

As a thank you…
All rehearsals/training will be free, plus you will have free entry to our lovely Tea Dance with vintage singing starlet Miss Lily Lovejoy on Sunday 3rd May to say thank you for all of your hard work (we could use that event as a live rehearsal!).

Please let me know if you can join me – it would be lovely if there is a group of us together to have a giggle, to celebrate the joy of 1940’s dance and of being involved with such a great event. Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

Emma x
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