Emma has had the pleasure of working with:

  • All of the lovely people who attend her classes and events!
  • Bath Dance College: Guest Teacher for BTEC Performing Arts students (2017)
  • Winter Gardens Pavillion Grand Ballroom: Dance & Event Host (2018)
  • Malmesbury Young Farmers: Training and choreography for Young Farmers Ballroom Showdance Competition (Jan 2016: 2nd Place!)
  • The Harlem Rhythm Cats Band: Dance Host (2016) and Event Organiser (2018)
  • The Random Jazz Band: Dance Host and Event Organiser (2016 & 2018)
  • Wood McKeever Agency Ltd: Dance Host (2016)
  • Athelstan Players Amateur Dramatics Group (Wiltshire):  Stage performance show dances (2014, 2016 & 2018)
  • Kids Athelstan Players Showcase choreography for stage performance (2017)
  • HarFest Arts & Music Festival: Hosting an Arts Festival/themed event (2015)
  • International Summer School, Stonar School: Guest Teacher for foreign exchange students (2015)
  • Mayor’s Charity Ball (Malmesbury): Charleston choreography (2015)
  • St Joseph’s Primary School: Gymnastics Teacher (2018/19).  Dance Fit Teacher (2018/19).  Delivering a year long programme of dance fitness for PE for all schoolchildren (2015/16). Flash mob whole school choreo and delivery (2016). Samba group dance for Reception class Carnival project (2016 & 2018).  Whole school Strictly-style perfomances (2015). Dance morning for the whole school (2015).
  • Luckington Primary School: Guest dance teacher (2018)
  • St Mary’s Primary School: Wellbeing Week guest teacher for whole school (2015)
  • Hullavington Brownies: Guest dance teacher for a fun evening of dance (2015)
  • Somerset Blitz Party: Dance Host (Dec 2015)
  • BBC Radio Wiltshire: Commentating on the Strictly Come Dancing Final! (Dec 2015)
  • Cepen Lodge Care Home: Entertainment and tuition for elderly residents (2016)
  • Busy Hands PreSchool: An African Dance Experience – tuition and fun! (2016)

Previous to moving to Wiltshire:

  • Emma worked privately with dancers to train and enhance movement technique for social dancing, amateur dance exams and dance shows; and dancers and singers for movement, postural/deportment awareness and preparation for stage and camera auditions.
  • Emma also worked with Adult Education Colleges to provide tuition and classes, Independent Day Schools for Girls (choreography and teaching for themed classes), a mix of social and competitive dance schools for medal test and social dance tuition for Children & Adults of all ages and abilities, plus a variety of wedding dance couples/groups for exciting and beautiful ‘first dance’ choreography and performance.
  • Emma developed and delivered her own “Dance Anatomy” talks/workshops, presenting anatomy/body awareness in fun and accessible ways to dancers to help prevent dance injuries. Through a combination of her dance and clinic work (see ‘Therapy’ pages and ‘About Emma’ page for more info), she has enjoyed working with dancers of all genres to help rehabilitate injuries and help increase body/movement/postural awareness in clinic and at dance events.
  • Emma has enjoyed being invited into other dance schools to give presentations and workshops on posture, body awareness and anatomy for dancers and how that relates to movement technique and quality.



  • “She’s got this eye that really picks up where you can improve and make your movement easier and less painful… it really bugs me that she can see the things I can’t!!!”
  • “Getting there – with a lot of encouragement from Emma!  I’m so much more body aware than I used to be, I think it’s a job for life though!”
  • “Emma’s posture work has really helped my husband, he has been unwell with bad health for such a long time now, and small hints and tips from Emma really help him to focus and help us feel more positive about the whole situation. It all helps to encourage us – thank you Emma.”
  • “I am a ballet teacher and I love it that Emma can help me with my posture.  I teach so many classes a week and I am so focused on my students posture that sometimes bad habits can creep in on mine!  Invaluable.”
  • “I just think it’s great that there is someone out there who really cares how children walk and sit and stand. I regularly bring my children to see Emma, they were shy at first but she’s kind and gentle with them – they took to it really well and I often hear them saying to each other “Emma says…”!”
  • “She’s given me a whole new outlook on it all – it really is all about how we move isn’t it!”
  • “Emma is totally passionate about her subject, she looks at the big picture and treats the problem within the framework of the entire body. She explains what has happened and recommends specific exercises so that not only can one understand the cause but can help oneself get better, or perhaps prevent the injury occurring again. She can untangle any knot with those magic hands, I believe she is truly gifted. She is kind and fun, so it’s pluses all the way and in my case, with amazing results. We have been coming to Emma for 8 years, not for the same problem I hasten to add but we have a rather energetic lifestyle and manage to need her help from time to time and she always succeeds in solving the injury pretty promptly. Hooray for finding Emma!”


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