The dancers of the night

For anyone interested in the vintage scene, dance history, or for anyone who likes to bop along to music from Hollywood’s Golden Age! Come along and have fun learning the cheeky Charleston from the 1920s, the elegant dancing of the 1930s, the swinging Lindy Hop from the 1940s, and the classic jive and rockabilly of the 1950s. These are all fun and energetic dance styles; you will get to know the fundamentals in each dance while developing a great sense of style and rhythm.  You will also learn some great solo routines (famous ‘strolls’) to complement your partner dancing; such as the Rockabilly Stroll, Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Sing Lim Charleston, Mama’s Stew, New York Stroll and the Jitterbug Stroll – these are popular solo dances at vintage events all over the world!

All classes are fun, friendly and pay-as-you-go.  Complete beginners, couples and solo dancers are always very welcome – all you really need are shoes with a smooth sole to help you turn without sticking to the floor and a smile – looking forward to seeing you at a class or Tea Dance soon!

Friday night classes – Grittleton Village Hall, Grittleton, Chippenham, SN14 6AP

  • Friday 8.15pm: Beginners/Improvers* Vintage dance class, £8
  • Friday 9.15-9.30pm: Practice, free with the Vintage class
  • Other dance classes are held on the same night – attend the whole evening for £12!  Ballroom/Latin Beginners is at 7pm, and a Technique class is at 7.45pm-8.15pm.

*Intermediates Vintage and/or Performance Group:  please contact me for info!

As with any type of exercise, please consult your GP if your health or day to day aches/pains will affect your ability to safely participate.  You are encouraged to take things at your own pace during each class, to use your own judgement and to rest whenever you need to.

COVID restrictions:  Class numbers will be limited and will take place in accordance with Government guidelines. Please confirm your attendance in advance each and every week to secure your place!

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