September 2020: Classes reopening!  Click here for details!

March 2020:  Classes cancelled due to COVID-19

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Kizomba is an improvised dance – and everything about it is lovely!  It originated from Angola in Africa and is gentle and cosy, characterised by smooth and grounded movements with a subtle and finely tuned lead/follow felt through the torso.  It really is beautiful!

Kizomba dance classes are held on Wednesday nights at the Riverside Community Centre, Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, SN16 9JS.

  • Wednesday 7.45 – 9.00pm: General class for all CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

All classes are fun, friendly and pay-as-you-go.  Complete beginners and solo dancers are always very welcome – all you really need are shoes with a smooth sole to help you turn without sticking to the floor and a smile!

As with any type of exercise, please consult your GP if your health or day to day aches/pains will affect your ability to safely participate.  You are encouraged to take things at your own pace during each class, to use your own judgement and to rest whenever you need to.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!



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