Kizomba & Bachata

Screenshot_20210923-164418-726Kizomba is a gorgeous partner dance which originated in Angola in Africa (not to be confused with the completely different aerobic fitness programme ‘Zumba’!).

It is beautiful to dance and the slow music is lovely!  Kizomba has become very popular in Europe, especially France and Spain, and the style is evolving as it spreads.  Typically, it is gentle and cosy, characterised by smooth, rippling but grounded body movements (like a mermaid!), with a subtle and finely tuned lead/follow.

It is the perfect dance for anyone who would like to learn to dance closely and gently with a partner, while relying solely on body connection and improvisation to create a beautiful dance!


Bachata is a wonderful partner dance which originated in the Dominican Republic. The music is really pretty and has a happy, romantic feel to it 🙂  It is gentle to dance while still being stylish and swishy!

It is a very popular social dance as the beats in the music are easy to hear. Bachata styling encourages smooth, gentle and expressive body movement through the hips, torso and shoulders – perfect for encouraging and enhancing flexibility while having fun!

Sunday night classes – Grittleton Village Hall, Grittleton, Chippenham, SN14 6AP

  • Sunday 6.30pm:  Kizomba Beginners/Improvers, £8
  • Sunday 7.30pm:  Bachata Beginners/Improvers, £8
  • Attend the whole evening for £12!
  • Please note that Sunday classes are cancelled whenever we hold our lovely Tea Dance on a Sunday – click here to see when our next Tea Dance is!

All classes are fun, friendly and pay-as-you-go.  Complete beginners, couples and solo dancers are always very welcome – all you really need are shoes with a smooth sole to help you turn without sticking to the floor and a smile – looking forward to seeing you at a class or Tea Dance soon!

As with any type of exercise, please consult your GP if your health or day to day aches/pains will affect your ability to safely participate.  You are encouraged to take things at your own pace during each class, to use your own judgement and to rest whenever you need to.

COVID restrictions:  Class numbers will be limited and will take place in accordance with Government guidelines. Please confirm your attendance in advance each and every week to secure your place!

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