Coronavirus updates

3rd July 2020:

Still ‘closed’ my lovelies xxxxxx hope you’re all doing okay, big hug for you (virtual!) from me xxxxxx



17th June 2020:

Hey everyone, just a bit of ‘admin’…. I think we’re all itching to do a little bit of dancing together (wouldn’t it be lovely, sigh…), but just to let you know that I’m holding off until the dance councils advise when and how to restart things safely – I don’t want to put anyone at risk whatsoever (or lose my professional memberships/insurances etc!).  Official statements are below from the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association), the BDC (British Dance Council), and the Sports & Recreation Alliance.  We’d be waltzing in the rain at the moment anyway hahaha 🙂  blimey I miss our classes and your company 😦 😥 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  lots of love, Emma xxxxxxx

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