Coronavirus updates

2nd September 2020:

Great news – classes can now reopen in line with all of the safety measures detailed in the previous post!  All classes will need to be booked in advance as numbers will be strictly limited.  Classes available at the moment are:

  • Fridays at Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall from 4th September 2020: 7pm Solo Vintage (any level), 8.15pm Solo Vintage (any level).
  • Sundays at Stanton St Quintin Parish Hall from 6th September 2020: 6pm Solo Ballroom & Latin technique class, 7.15pm Kizomba (this can be danced solo or as a couple as it doesn’t travel around the hall).
  • Mondays at Grittleton Village Hall from 14th September 2020: 7pm Beginners Ballroom & Latin (couples or solo), 8.15pm Intermediates Ballroom & Latin (couples or solo).

All classes are £8 each or £14 for both on the same day.  Please read all info below with reference to the new booking, payment, Track & Trace and attendance procedures.  Looking forward to seeing you soon! Xxxx

9th September 2020:

Hey everyone, hope you’re all okay.  Just in case anyone is worried about the new social distancing ‘Rule of 6’, here’s the snippet which says it’s okay to attend gyms and organised sport/exercise.  Looking forward to seeing you at dancing soon but I would completely understand if you’d like to cancel your class reservation – please let me know if you’d like to do that.  I will be going ahead with my original plans of reduced class sizes with the 2 metre distancing rule unless my governing body, the IDTA, or the halls themselves say otherwise.  Lots of love xxxxxxScreenshot_2020-09-09-17-08-25

14th August 2020:

Hey everyone, hope you’re as okay as can be.  Here are the procedures I will be putting in place for when classes reopen – please have a read, thank you! Xxxx


The serious stuff ref reopening Miss Emma’s dance classes


Physical exercise within an enclosed space is classed as ‘High Risk’ for coronavirus.  DO NOT ATTEND CLASSES IF:

  • You feel at all unwell, have a temperature or any other COVID symptoms.
  • You live with someone that is ill or has any COVID symptoms.
  • You, or someone you live with, is susceptible to illness or has a weak immune system.
  • You are worried about being near people.

Booking & Payment changes

  • All classes need to be pre-booked in advance, sadly no ‘drop-ins’ due to strictly limited class space. Please pre-book your space by contacting me on or 07985 381963.
  • All classes need to be paid for weekly by bank transfer to avoid handling money. Please contact me on or 07985 381963 for payment details.

Changes to classes

  • All classes will be strictly limited by number to allow for distancing between dancers or couples.
  • You will need to wait outside the hall upon arrival (at the main entrance), abiding by social distancing measures.
  • Before entering the building, I will use an infrared (non-contact) forehead thermometer to check your temperature, sign you in for NHS Track & Trace purposes (please provide a contact telephone number), and ask you if you have experienced any COVID symptoms within the last 21 days. You will need to wear a facemask for this.  Do not enter the building until I have completed these checks.  I reserve the right to refuse you access if your temperature is high, if you have a cough or any other COVID symptoms.  Paper records will be kept for 3 weeks for NHS Track & Trace.
  • Classes will be limited to 1 hour, with a 15 minute break between classes to allow for timely exit/entrance of the new class.
  • Partnering/contact is only permitted with members of the same household/support bubble.
  • Those that attend classes as a solo dancer will have to maintain social distancing.
  • Classes may be taught differently to maintain distancing and to limit face-to-face work and contact.
  • In-class corrections from the teacher will be verbal and not through partnering or contact.
  • Music will be played at a quieter volume to avoid dancers talking/shouting over the music.
  • Doors and windows will be open to allow for maximum ventilation – please wear warm layers if you feel the cold!
  • Air conditioning that recycles indoor air will not be used.
  • Chairs will not be provided to limit the amount of equipment that needs to be cleaned between classes. You may bring your own folding chair for your belongings/changing your shoes if you wish.  Please ensure chairs are clean and have smooth floor contacts to avoid damage to hall floors.
  • It is advised not to use kitchen areas or toilets unless necessary.  Please ensure that you follow NHS hygiene measures if you do.
  • Refreshments will not be provided.

You will need to

  • Contact me immediately if you or any members of your household/support bubble experience any COVID symptoms or if you have come into contact with a confirmed case of COVID. I will need to contact the other people in your class to let them know, and I will need to suspend all classes for an isolation period.
  • Abide by all COVID prevention guidelines issued by the government, NHS, dance councils, Wiltshire Council, and hall committees.
  • Maintain your distance from dancers not from your household/support bubble to allow for social distancing.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser/gel to use upon entering the building and whenever necessary. You are more than welcome to wear disposable gloves.
  • Bring your own face masks and change it whenever it is damp. Facemasks will have to be worn when completing your temperature check and NHS Track & Trace sign-in before entering the building.  The Government states that face masks must be worn in all community centres, social clubs and entertainment venues.  With regards to exercising in a face mask, the Government states that you do not need to wear a facemask if you are undertaking exercise/an activity and it would negatively impact your ability to do so.
  • Bring your own water.
  • Bring your own folding chair if you need to sit down. Please ensure chairs are clean and have smooth floor contacts to avoid damage to hall floors.
  • Bring your own towel to wipe sweat and ensure that this does not touch any hall surfaces or other dancers/their belongings.
  • Keep your distance from and do not touch Miss Emma’s equipment.
  • Ensure that you do not leave any of your belongings in the hall.
  • Do not dispose of any face coverings, gloves, tissues or any other items in the hall – take these home with you to dispose of there.

9th August 2020:

Hope you’re all okay and enjoying August!  Just a quick update – I am waiting on some answers and Covid T&Cs from the halls I hire before hopefully reopening in September.  All of the halls are preparing for reopening at a different rate but I will hopefully be able to confirm dates soon.  Things will be different, and all classes will be held in line with government, dance council and local council regulations – but I’m really looking forward to getting back to dancing with you!  So here’s to looking forward to dancing in a 3 metre squared space near you sometime soon….!!! Xxxx

14th July 2020:

Hey everyone, just to give you a little update!

Then government has said that dance schools can open from 25th July but with lots of restrictions.  I’ve contacted the halls that I hire but they’re not ready to reopen then, or have air circulation issues, and are going on Wiltshire Council instructions for opening.  They have meetings scheduled to discuss reopening at some point in September at the earliest.  When they are open, the government states that I’ve got to make sure that each dancer has 100 square foot to themselves and that they don’t encroach on anyone else’s 100 square foot, face masks have to be worn and changed  as soon as they are damp, all doors and windows have to be open, air conditioning with re-circulated air must not be used, and all sorts of things.  Just wanted to make you all aware that things are being looked into but that dancing (in a very reduced form) won’t be starting just yet, and unfortunately dancing outside is a risk assessment and insurance nightmare.  I hope that you’re all as well as can be – looking forward to seeing you at some point soon! Xxxx

3rd July 2020:

Still ‘closed’ my lovelies xxxxxx hope you’re all doing okay, big hug for you (virtual!) from me xxxxxx


17th June 2020:

Hey everyone, just a bit of ‘admin’…. I think we’re all itching to do a little bit of dancing together (wouldn’t it be lovely, sigh…), but just to let you know that I’m holding off until the dance councils advise when and how to restart things safely – I don’t want to put anyone at risk whatsoever (or lose my professional memberships/insurances etc!).  Official statements are below from the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association), the BDC (British Dance Council), and the Sports & Recreation Alliance.  We’d be waltzing in the rain at the moment anyway hahaha 🙂  blimey I miss our classes and your company 😦 😥 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  lots of love, Emma xxxxxxx

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